Dakota County General Volunteer and Internship Opportunities

Community Action - Ongoing: DARTS Tech Buddies


General Description

Volunteer will be providing technical support for an assigned older adult needing assistance with laptops, tablets, smart phones, televisions, or other tech items. Volunteer hours can be flexible due to scheduling. Service Impact: This service will provide knowledge and support to older adults not aware of new, updated, or current technology. Assistance will allow them to remain independent, allow them to stay current and relevant, to be in contact with families, and instill confidence in the uses of technology resources available to them.



Dakota County and surrounding metro areas.



Schedules will be set up by volunteer


Key Responsibilities

  • Knowledge of current technology, including Android and Apple technology, as well as Alexa, Ring devices, smart TV and streaming devices, and TV remote control navigation.
  • Knowledge of any scams and technology viruses targeting the older population and how to prevent them.
  • Ability to troubleshoot updated software.
  • Provide clear direction and patience as client learns the new technology. Time Commitment: Flexible in scheduling; on-call support as possible.



  • Attention to detail.
  • Ability to work with confidential information with knowledge of HIPPA.
  • Proficient computer, tablet, smart phone, and other technology skills.
  • Ability to speak clearly.
  • Demonstrate patience and respect. Supported By: DARTS Volunteer Resources. Training on current scams targeting older adults and other IT support training available for volunteer support.


Contact and Registration Information

Website/Registration: https://dartsconnects.org/volunteer/

Phone: 651-455-1560

Email:  info@darts1.org


DISCLAIMER: This position is not with Dakota County Volunteers but with another organization located in Dakota County. You may have to complete additional registration/documentation with the organization to fully apply for this opening. The organizations that host these opportunities take full responsibility for the organization and management of the opportunities listed above. 

Qualifications Required

  • Accepted Data Privacy Notice - Tennessen Notice Must be Yes
  • Signed Volunteer Waiver Must be at least Yes