Dakota County Historical Society

Lawshe Memorial Museum, South St. Paul - Lawshe Memorial Museum Volunteer


General Description

The Dakota County Historical Society operates three historic sites throughout the county: Lawshe Memorial Museum, LeDuc Historic Estate and Sibley Historic Site. Volunteers are integral in helping us achieve our mission of preserving the history of Dakota County and presenting it to the public through a variety of means.

There are many opportunities for volunteers to help assist the day-to-day operations of the Lawshe Memorial Museum. We seek volunteers to help out with a variety of tasks that directly impact the day-to-day operations of the organization.

Volunteer and internship hours will vary depending on task. We will work with you to arrange days and times to be at the site for the specific volunteer opportunities you sign up for.



Lawshe Memorial Museum in South St. Paul

Hours: Wednesday, 9am – 5pm; Thursday, 9am – 8pm; Friday, 9am – 5pm; Saturday, 10am – 3pm


Duties & Responsibilities

Jobs that need to get done around the estate which includes:

  • Front Desk Volunteer
  • General House Cleaning
  • Archival library file maintenance (sorting, ordering and removing duplicate entries)
  • Reconcile uncatalogued artifacts for migration into collection or deaccession
  • Prepare boxes of deaccessioned artifacts for silent auction and / or book sales
  • Input newspaper extracts (obituaries, marriages, etc) to be used for online databases
  • Transcribe, or scan, newspaper articles to be used in future publications, research and exhibits
  • Research and develop new content for programs, exhibits and publications
  • Write historical articles about Dakota County to be published in appropriate medias


Minimum Qualifications

Must be 16 or older, can be done to fulfill internship or volunteer requirements


Minimum Time Commitment

2 hours


Activity Level

Easy - May include light work or walking short distances over relatively level terrain. Comfortable shoes recommended.


Contact Information

Matt Carter, Executive Director

Phone: (651) 552-7548

Email: matthew.carter@co.dakota.mn.us

Qualifications Required

  • Accepted Data Privacy Notice - Tennessen Notice Must be Yes
  • Signed Volunteer Waiver Must be at least Yes