WellSouth - Primary Health Network

Childcare - Parent Helper

Organisation Summary:

WellSouth is the local primary health organisation for Otago and Southland.

What does a Primary Health Organisation do?

Organise primary health care services in Otago and Southland.
Support primary health care providers in the south
Reduce health disparity and improve access to health care.
Ensure quick and easy access to primary health care, when you need it.
Maintain and improve the wellness of people in Otago and Southland.
Promote healthy lifestyles.
Support access to screening and prevention services.
Work with other health providers to improve integrated care.
Measure and understand health data, so we can make better funding decisions.

Main Tasks:

This October Breastfeeding Peer Support volunteers are undertaking training to offer free advice and support with breastfeeding.

A parent helper is sought to assist with looking after children and babies so the parents can focus on the programme content whilst still parenting.

Volunteers should be confident with engaging with children/babies while the mother is in the room.

There are usually around 6 babies/children coming along and the mums that need the most help are those with toddlers/ older babies, the babies tend to just stay with mum.

WellSouth provides a koha, usually in Supermarket vouchers.

Time Commitment:

The next training will take place in Wanaka over five Mondays starting 29th October 9.30am - 2.30pm. 

We are looking for people who:

Are reliable, caring, confident with children of a range of ages and individuals who are creative in their play with children. This is a role well suited to early education teachers, older siblings, parents or grandparents. 

We can offer you:

A fun, rewarding environment in which you will be enabling the mothers (or fathers) of the children you are caring for to develop their skills in becoming a breastfeeding peer support volunteer. You will get the opportunity to meet new people, share your energy with the children you are caring for and hopefully enjoy your time with them. You will receive a donation for your time - usually in the form of supermarket vouchers for up to $80 a day.