Kiwi Bird Life Park

Environmental Improvement - Kiwi Bird Life Park volunteer

We are currently fully staffed with volunteers - however will be opening up applications again in the future

Organisation Summary:

We are a small, family run wildlife park in Queenstown. Since its opening over 25 years ago, our 8 acre park recently has been transformed from a rubbish dump into the sanctuary we have today. We have planted over 8,000 different native trees and we have over 20 different native animals, including Kiwi, Black Stilt, Tuatara, Kea and Campbell Island Teal, many of which are incredibly rare. We are a captive facility but many of our animals are here as part of release programs, rehabilitation, or breeding programs.

All of our operations are completely funded by admission fees, sponsorship and donations, and volunteers are an integral part of our operations.


As many of our animals are incredibly rare and have strict rules regarding holding permits, actual animal handling will be minimal but we try to keep it as interesting and exciting as possible for our volunteers. We try to find jobs for volunteers based on their skill set and interests. The duties our volunteers generally undertake are varied, and include:

Possible Tasks for Regular Volunteers

Assisting wildlife with daily jobs such as:

  • Cleaning and maintenance of enclosures.
  • Bush regeneration, this includes planting of native trees, weeding and maintenance of our native tree nursery.
  • Monitoring of our animals.
  • Preparation of food.
  • Grounds work.
  • Assisting with public encounters where necessary.

 Possible Programs for One-Time Volunteers

  • Plant native plants
  • Construct Bird Feeders (to encourage wild birds)
  • Paper Mache Gallery of Birds (Moa and Haast Eagle and other extinct birds)
  • Painting Murals in Kiwi House 1 (or elsewhere in park)
  • Rubbish collection and Weeding outside Enclosures, leaf litter runs
  • Create Interactive Display Area (with Library and Touchable Objects)
  • Kea Enrichments
  • Tuatara Project-designs for new house (raise donations)
  • Maori Hunting Village
  • Insect Breeding-earthworms, blow flies, mealworms, crickets
  • Man the Trapping run
  • Fence maintenance
  • Backed Mews need fixing

 Possible Roles for Volunteers not wanting to do physical labour                                         

  • Interpretive Talks (about kiwi, Maori History or Native Vegetation)
  • Assist at Reception (greeting visitors, equipping visitors with maps and Audio Tour)
  • Web design or maintenance

We are extremely interested in accommodating new volunteers with a passion for animals, wildlife and our environment including a desire to interact with people.

Time Commitment:

The park is open seven days a week for the majority of the year so there is good flexibility as to when volunteers can get involved. Opening hours are between 9 – 6pm depending on the time of year.

We are currently fully staffed with volunteers - however will be opening up applications again in October 2015.

Located in Queenstown

Skills Required:

Depending on the role, the skills could include construction, husbandry, interpretation and general reception.  We have a variety of roles in which volunteers could be involved and all volunteers should strive to enhance the reputation of the park and the visitors experience to it.

Skills gained:

Generally, volunteers will get great exposure to native wildlife and vegetation, whatever role they play at the park.  They may learn new construction, husbandry or interpretation skills.

Environment & conservation



Schedule Summary

This activity generally occurs on

  • Monday - Morning, Afternoon
  • Tuesday - Morning, Afternoon
  • Wednesday - Morning, Afternoon
  • Thursday - Morning, Afternoon
  • Friday - Morning, Afternoon
  • Saturday - Morning, Afternoon
  • Sunday - Morning, Afternoon