Wakatipu Reforestation Trust

Environmental Improvement - Site Maintenance Volunteer

Organisation Summary:

The Wakatipu Reforestation Trust's mission is to grow native plants at its Jean Malpas Community Nursery and to use these plants to plant in public areas to enhance biodiversity in the Wakatipu Basin.


Since 2015, the Wakatipu Reforestation Trust has planted over 40,000 native plants into keystone sites around Queenstown and Arrowtown. Once planted, these area require ongoing maintenance for 3-5 years until the plants are large enough to outgrow surrounding weeds. We rely on a core group of awesome, maintenance volunteers to look after our sites to ensure the best chance of plant survival and to keep them looking great for community enjoyment.

Working with a small group of maintenance volunteers, the team meets at various times (normal mornings, and as agreed by the group) to do scrub bar / weed eating around the smaller native plants to keep them weed free, and ensure they get plenty of light and rain while becoming established. A bit of hand weeding is also done here and there as needed by individual plants.

This role is located in the Queenstown area. We have 4 keystone sites that we actively maintain:
Lake Hayes South
Feehly Hill
Whitechapel Reserve
Mill Creek/Slope Hill Road

Time Commitment:

A few hours a month would be required with a flexible length of commitment.

Skills Required:

The role requires proficiency with a commercial scrub bar. Retired farmers, or people who have had experience with garden maintenance would love this type of volunteer work. You will also need to be physically fit.

Skills Gained:

This role provides a great sense of satisfaction as you get to watch the young plants grow while supporting them on their way. Over time you will witness the restoration of ecosystems, the return of birdlife to planted areas and the progression of entire areas of plants becoming strong and well established, returning the areas to the way they were prior to European settlement.

Schedule Summary

This activity generally occurs on

  • Monday Morning
  • Tuesday Through the night
  • Wednesday Morning
  • Thursday Morning
  • Friday Morning