Ranui Home

CARE GIVING / HEALTH CARE SUPPORT - Elderly companion and entertainers

Organisation Summary

Ranui Home provides Residential Health Care to older people who live in Alexandra. A change of address, not of lifestyle, is how we like to describe a person’s move into a Presbyterian Support Otago home or hospital. 

Residents continue to have personal choices – when to get up in the morning, go on outings, be involved in activities…daily life is determined by individual needs and preferences. Ranui Home welcomes people of all backgrounds and cultures. 

The home consists of a dementia unit, hospital and rest home caring for 48 residents. Offering a wide range of services, its rest home rooms are always in demand. 

The staff does all it can to help residents and families experience a good transition to living at Ranui, and welcomes family input into creating the right ‘personal feel’ for their loved one. 


Ranui has a pool of volunteers who assist the residents in things such as shopping, going out for coffee or a drink at the club, walks, reading, crafts, chats, escorts on picnics, assist at meal times and happy hour etc. Volunteers usually establish a good rapport with the residents and to feel part of the team at Ranui.

Time Commitment:

Ideally volunteers should be available for 1 year, however short term involvement will be considered for some roles.  1 – 2 hours per week or more if able.

Located in Alexandra.

Skills required:

Volunteers need to be mature, non-judgmental, open minded and happy communicating with people from a wide range of backgrounds.

Good communication and listening skills are essential.

Volunteers must also have a commitment to confidentiality.

Volunteers should have a genuine interest in and kindness and respect for older people.

Volunteers should be able to relate to, or try to understand them and their circumstances.

Empathy, patience, a calm nature and a good sense of humour are essential as well as being reliable, well presented and polite

Skills gained:

It is hoped volunteers will feel a valued member of the team and will be encouraged to attend staff training to develop their own personal skills. Volunteers usually gain satisfaction from enabling residents to be as independent as possible and will gain an understanding of the older person though their involvement at Ranui.


Schedule Summary

This activity generally occurs on

  • Monday - Morning, Afternoon
  • Tuesday - Morning, Afternoon
  • Wednesday - Morning, Afternoon
  • Thursday - Morning, Afternoon
  • Friday - Morning, Afternoon
  • Saturday - Morning, Afternoon
  • Sunday - Morning, Afternoon