Wanaka Toy Library

Boards/Committees - Chairperson

Organisation Summary:

Wanaka Toy Library is open to the community and has toys and equipment for children aged 0-6 years. They have over 800 toys available so there is always something new for kids to borrow and play with.

The committee is run by a dedicated team of volunteers and are supported by its members who assist with duties in the library itself. 


The chairperson is the principal coordinator and has overall responsibility for the running of the organisation. Roles include:

  • Facilitating discussions that take place during committee meetings and providing direction without being biased or dictatorial. 
  • Be well informed of all society activities
  • Ensure planning and budgeting for the future and to be aware of future directions
  • To represent the society when required
  • To manage and chair the annual AGM

Located in Wanaka.

Time Committment:

Meetings take place monthly and last for around an hour and a half. Some preparation time is required and planning for key events.

Skills Required:

The Chairperson should be well-informed, a clear thinker able to make decisions and a good delegator.

Skills Gained:

Volunteers will be able to develop their knowledge of how committees are run and to develop their own skills in running a local non profit organisation. It is also a great way to meet new people and gain satisfaction from contributing to the small organisating team that ensure the Wanaka Toy Library can be enjoyed but the childen whose parents are members.