Central Otago Rural Education Activities Programme

TEACHING / TUTORING / ASSISTING - English Literacy Assistant

Organisation Summary

Central Otago REAP provides a diverse and extensive educational resource to rural communities, implementing a life long learning approach. The overall purpose of Central Otago REAP is to provide educational support and assistance across all sectors including early childhood, primary, secondary and adult education.  Central Otago REAP is a community-based flexible resource providing formal and non-formal learning opportunities.

The Choices Programme is a english literacy education and training programme for adults. It is tailored to meet individual needs and participants and able to develop their skills while working at their own pace in a small group.  The course is run during specified times in both Alexandra and Cromwell.

Periodically volunteers are needed to assist the tutor in teaching english skills.  The need for this varies depending on the skills of the participants.


Two students have applied for the Cromwell course who are Russian and Ukrainian with very limited English.  A volunteer to assist these students with their specific needs would mean they do not feel pressured and the class rest of the class is not held up.  They will likely need particular assistance with conversational skills, vocabulary, pronunciation and writing skills.  There will be exercises for the group – a volunteer would assist these students in understanding what they are being asked to do and working with them to achieve this.

Time Commitment:

The support requested would be from 9.30 – 12 noon, on a Wednesday at Central Campus, Cromwell Room 9.  The dates are:

13th May – 1st July inclusive

29th July – 23rd Sept inclusive

14th Oct – 18th Nov inclusive

Located in Cromwell

Skills required:

Volunteers must have a everyday working knowledge of the english language.  They must be able to communicate well and relate to course participants and support them positively in their skill development.

A police vetting check will be required.

Skills gained:

Volunteers will work alongside others at each session and will enhance their communication and relationship building skills.  Volunteers gain a sense of satisfaction and reward in seeing the benefits and progress in course participants, and is great experience for those working in a teaching capacity.

Schedule Summary

This activity generally occurs on

  • Wednesday Morning