Wanaka Safe to School Programme

Transportation - People - QLDC School Walking Bus - Wanaka

Organisation Summary: 

The Queenstown Lakes District Council's 'community outcomes' are:

  • Sustainable growth management
  • Quality landscapes and natural environment and enhanced public access
  • A safe and healthy community that is strong, diverse and inclusive for people of all ages and incomes
  • Effective and efficient infrastructure that meets the needs of growth
  • High quality urban environments respectful of the character of individual communities
  • A strong and diverse economy
  • Preservation and celebration of the district's local cultural heritage


Volunteers walk with children from Mt Iron subdivision (Anderson Road) to Wanaka Primary School (Kelly's Flat) area every week day morning during term time departing at 8.25am and returning at 9.15am.

Main duties:
  1. Walk with the the children along the designated route giving clear instructions and encouraging road safety awareness.
  2. Provide information regarding numbers of children using the service and road safety awareness/behaviour if helpful.
  3. Provide feedback to School Travel Plan Coordinator on road safety matters relating to the use of the walking bus if/when necessary.
Time Commitment:
Located in Wanaka
Skills Required:

Volunteers should have good communication skills and be happy interacting with children. A genuine interest, liking and understanding of children is essential. Volunteers should have an awareness of road safety and personal safety and value the safety and welfare of children.
Skills Gained:
Fun and satisfaction from being connected to the children of Wanaka Primary and Holy Family Schools. Volunteers will also interact with other members of the community and gain an awareness of the local neighbourhood. They will develop an understanding of the capabilities of children and an insight into working with the QLDC.









Schedule Summary

This activity generally occurs on

  • Monday Morning
  • Tuesday Morning
  • Wednesday Morning
  • Thursday Morning
  • Friday Morning