Keep Alexandra Clyde Beautiful

BOARDS / COMMITTEES - Committee Member

Organisation Summary

Keep Alexandra Clyde Beautiful is an organisation that is affiliated to Keep New Zealand Beautiful. We are a group of volunteers that are involved with litter abatement, beautification and civic pride. We encourage the involvement of schools and service groups.

Our group is involved with Clean Up New Zealand Week, the Best Street Competition and the beautification of various sites around Alexandra and Clyde such as the hanging baskets in the Golden Block and the cherry tree avenue in Clyde. 

Major projects have included the development of Kamaka Walkway, beautification of the Rail Trail, especially near the old Alexandra Railway Station, and facilitation of the restoration of the Look Out viewing platform, each of which has been acknowledged with awards. We do facilitate many projects and are not adverse to weeding, planting and ongoing maintenance on an as required basis.


Participate in committee meetings by assisting to plan future projects and/or helping with administration.

Time Commitment:

Our meetings are held on the fourth Thursday of the month at Council Offices at 7.30pm.  

Located in Alexandra.

Skills required:

  • must have an interest in and support the main aims of the group
  • integrate well with a variety of people
  • have a sense of humour
  • anyone is more than welcome but KACB particularly need more young, fit members.

Skills gained:

Social experience with a relaxed group of fun diverse people who enjoy each others company and working outside for a fantastic community cause. 

Environment & conservation

Schedule Summary

This activity generally occurs on

  • Monday Evening
  • Tuesday Evening
  • Wednesday Evening
  • Thursday Evening
  • Friday Evening