Central Otago Friendship Network

Committee Member

Organisation Summary:

The majority of people in the community are able to freely access community clubs, retail outlets, recreational pursuits and employment. All of these pursuits usually involve social contact with other members of the community on a regular basis.

Unfortunately a number of people are ‘disabled’ by the community in that their disability restricts their freedom of movement, ability to interact with others and generally their ability to meet a healthy level of social contact. For people with a disability, including age related and degenerative disability, social contact cannot be left to chance as in the majority of cases it just does not happen without considered and appropriate community intervention.

The Central Otago Friendship Network is active in the Alexandra and Cromwell basins.  We encourage all people to have as much participation in the community as possible.  COFN aims to enrich lives by establishing a friendship and support network in the wider community.

Volunteers play a vital role in the Friendship Network. They are part of everything they do from serving on the committee, fundraising, one to one friendships and driving our people to and from social groups. Without volunteers the network simply would not exist.


Assisting with administration and planning of future activities

Treasurer role currently vacant but general members also welcomed

Occasional fundraising activities

Grant applications

Located in Alexandra

Minimum age 16 years.

Skills gained:

Training is provided until volunteers are confident and competent in their role. 

Supervision and support is available as needed.

Volunteers gain satisfaction from contributing to a great community service.