Young Stroke Thrivers Foundation

Board/Governance - Board Member

Organisation Summary:

Young Stroke Thrivers Foundation is a recent New Zealand registered charity whose aim is to empower stroke affected children with a positive, confident outlook by providing opportunities for them to lead an active and fulfilling life. 
Our mission is to support young stroke thrivers, up to the age of 18 by providing the following services: 
  • Sporting and recreational activities to assist with rehabilitation to increase confidence in a fun and positive environment;
  • Support networks for Stroke Children in their daily environment e.g. at home or school 
  • Financial assistance for education and personal development e.g. Tertiary or overseas working 
  • holiday / GAP year;
  • Creating awareness in the community around who strokes affect (not just adults) and identify the specific needs of Stroke Children.
The founder/executive, Maria, had a stroke age 13 yet has lived an adventurous life travelling over 40 countries, previously lived and worked in London, has a Bach. Design- Spatial Design, and has the 'can do' attitude as shown in both her successful and not so successful sport and recreation activities including skiing, mountain biking, tramping and more.
A large part of Maria’s recovery is due to her positive outlook and participation in challenging outdoor activities such as skiing, mountain biking, tramping and kite-surfing- some more successful then others! Her rehabilitation is still ongoing nearly 20 years on!! 
Maria’s post-stroke rehabilitation journey has highlighted the lack of awareness, facilities and opportunities available to stroke children which led her to establish the Young Stroke Thrivers Foundation.
Volunteers are being sought to help the foundation in the following areas, however their most immediate need is with fundraising assistance: 
- Sports and Recreation 
- Fundraising Events 
- Videography/ Editing 
- Marketing 
- Website and/ or 
- Administration Costs
The volunteer may be based anywhere in the region - e.g Queenstown, Alexandra, Cromwell etc.
Time Commitment:
The role can be carried out at a time to suit the volunteer. Monthly meetings with Maria would be ideal however the role is largely flexible with a minimum of 6 hours a month ideally, with many more hours if the volunteer is keen and willing!
Skills Required:
As Maria is new to fundraising herself she is looking for someone with some fundraising experience to come on board. This could include experience with event based fundraising, sponsorship, grants, bequests etc etc. However if a self starter is keen there may be scope for them to get involved and support the organisation.
Volunteers should be well organised, a good planner, be able to identify and seize opportunities, have good attention to detail, have good written and oral communication skills and happy developing relationships with funders.
Skills gained:
Volunteers will have the opportunity to develop their own knowledge of fundraising whilst gaining satisfaction from seeing their successes benefit the organisation and the young people it works with. 

Schedule Summary

This activity generally occurs on

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