The Terrace School

SECURITY / PUBLIC SAFETY - Road Crossing Supervisors

Organisation Summary: 

The Terrace is a primary school located in Alexandra providing education to children from Y0-Y8, with a current role of 352 pupils.  We are very proud of the learning we provide for our children in a caring environment where each individual has opportunities to gain ‘satisfaction from success through effort: ma te kaha - ka u ‘.

Our school focuses on numeracy and literacy alongside the expectation that children will learn about themselves and how to treat others the way they would wish to be treated. The attention to fundamental learning enables us to promote thinking skills and teach children how to learn in an ‘inquiry’ based approach.

In conjunction with the Alexandra Police, we run a "kea crossing" on Enterprise Street to help our kids get to school safely. Our older school pupils are trained volunteers to man the signs but we require adult volunteers to supervise them.  


Supervising pupils to man the road crossing at the designated crossing point on Enterprise Street between 8.25-8.45am and 2.45-3.10pm weekdays during school term times. The slots are on a weekly roster and are currently only half full.  We would love for the crossing to be safe on every school day.

Main duties:
  • Be stationed at designated crossing points at the designated time.
  • Meet the school volunteers and assist them in getting safety equipment and signage in place.
  • Supervise and assist the school volunteers to make good decisions to enable children and adults to cross the road safely.
  • Encourage good road safety awareness and behaviour as needed.
  • Assist in packing up safety equipment when finished.
  • Feedback on road safety matters relating to the use of the crossing point if/when necessary.  
Time Commitment:

Weekly roster for half hour slots once per week, or as available.  Rosters are usually arranged term by term.
Located in Alexandra.
Skills Required:

Aged 17+ 

Volunteers should have good communication skills and be happy interacting with children. A genuine interest, liking and understanding of children is essential. Volunteers should have an awareness of road safety and personal safety and value the safety and welfare of children.
Skills Gained:

Fun and satisfaction from being connected to the children of The Terrace School and ensuring they stay safe. Volunteers will also interact with other members of the community and gain an awareness of the local neighbourhood. They will develop an understanding of the capabilities of children and the work of the Alexandra Police.

Schedule Summary

This activity generally occurs on

  • Monday - Morning, Afternoon
  • Tuesday - Morning, Afternoon
  • Wednesday - Morning, Afternoon
  • Thursday - Morning, Afternoon
  • Friday - Morning, Afternoon