The Salvation Army - Hancock

BOL Service Extension Unit - Discipler / Small Group Leader

A Discipler or Small Group Leader has the responsibility of overseeing a Discipleship Training group or small fellowship and study group that has a high emphasis on spiritual development, accountability
and friendship. It is the Discipler’s/Group Leader’s responsibility to make sure that the meetings are planned and focused and that everyone has the opportunity to participate, having a sense of belonging.

The Discipler / Leader will be an example for the group in showing and giving pastoral care to each other.

The Discipler / Leader may be asked to attend periodic training sessions.

Qualifications Required

  • Background Check
  • Age Category Must be at least 18 or older
  • How much can you lift comfortably? Must be at least 20lbs
  • Safe From Harm Training Must be at least Online Training Abuse & Policies