Canadian Cancer Society - Williams Lake

Community Operations - Community Ambassador

Position Overview

You can help the Canadian Cancer Society stop cancer in its tracks. Raise awareness and educate your community about all aspects of our mission: cancer prevention, support programs, and research, supported by volunteerism and fundraising.


Community Ambassadors further the mission of the Society by promoting programs and events, fostering new partnerships, enhancing relationships within the community, and working to advance Society priorities.


Your Impact

-      Increased public awareness of the risk factors for cancer.

-      Cancer patients and their families are supported through the cancer journey.

-      Increased awareness of the local impact of the Canadian Cancer Society.

-      Increased fundraising as the community becomes more engaged. 


-      Play an integral role in the fight against cancer.

-      Gain understanding about cancer and related issues.

-      Develop community connections and join a dedicated team.

-      Improve your understanding of cancer and the Canadian Cancer Society.

-      Cultivate and improve communication skills. 


Key Responsibilities

1.   Ongoing learning about the programs and initiatives of the Canadian Cancer Society. Ambassadors receive training and updates on Society initiatives, and are guided and supported in their work by volunteer leads and staff.

2.   In consultation with the staff or volunteer leads, determine a plan for engaging and educating the community. This can include:  

-      Proactively seeking opportunities to present to community organizations

-      Networking with community groups and attending relevant meetings as a representative of the Society

-      Creating a presence at community events

-      Engaging the community with advocacy initiatives

-      Engaging demographic communities

-      Using social media to promote events, programs, and services

-      Assisting with promotion of events and programs.

3.   Regularly liaise with staff to share and receive updates. 

 Skills and Qualifications

-      Able to accurately convey information in a professional, engaging, and confident manner.

-      Knowledgeable about the Canadian Cancer Society programs, services and advocacy priorities, or willing to learn.

-      Desires to engage the community in changing the future.

-      Models healthy living and the values of the Canadian Cancer Society (caring, courage, progressive, integrity).

-      Self-motivated and willing to network and attend events

-      Comfortable using social media and presentation technology, or willingness to learn.

-      Strong knowledge of local community and the political environment. 


Training & support

-      Volunteer Orientation

-      Health Promotion training

-      Other position specific training

-      Ongoing mentorship and support from the Volunteer Engagement Coordinator and other staff/ volunteer leads

-      Web, media, and print resources for self-study and presentations 


Time Commitment

This role is flexible and the level of commitment will be agreed on with the volunteer. Possible commitment might be 1 – 2 days/ month on average (attending events, promoting campaigns, delivering a presentation)

Approximately 15 hours of training will be required (includes self-study), depending on the level of knowledge.

Regular liaison with staff members/ volunteer leads through email/ phone/ webinars. 


Community Ambassador - Community Operations - Williams Lake, Anaheim Lake