Canadian Cancer Society - Parksville/Qualicum

Volunteer and Community Engagement - Community Ambassador / Cancer Awareness Club

Position Overview
Canadian Cancer Society Ambassadors are dedicated volunteers who are passionate about increasing awareness of the Society with its priorities of support programs, prevention and  research and raising the profile of the Canadian Cancer Society in the community. They help to further the mission of the Society by increasing access to CCS resources and services, promoting CCS programs and events, enhancing the Society’s relationship with key members of the community, fostering new partnerships and working to advance the Society priorities.

Ambassadors receive training and updates on all CCS programs and initiatives, and are guided and supported in their work by volunteer Leads and CCS staff members.

Key Responsibilities

  1. Raise awareness of cancer and the Canadian Cancer Society ( CCS) within local community
    • Proactively seek opportunities to speak to community groups within local community/region
    • Network with community groups to facilitate information sharing
    • Assist with promotion of CCS events, programs and services within community/region
    • Use social networking tools to share information
  2. Participate in CCS campaigns and actively promote key priorities, initiatives and messages through social media, local networks, meetings with elected officials and other key stakeholders, community events, local media etc.
  3. Attend training days, events, campaign launches,
  4. Share cancer stories (personal and others) to help illustrate some of the challenges faced by people living with cancers and the impact the Society is having on the Fight against cancer through its programs, initiatives, and volunteers.
  5. Act as point of contact within the community and support the work of local CCS regional staff team
  6. Regularly liaise with CCS staff to share and receive updates, identify new opportunities within community, etc


Support/ Training Available

  1. Attend the CCS New  Volunteer Orientation,
  2. Ongoing in-person and webinar training sessions; regular updates on CCS programs, services and campaigns, etc. Regular communication with Community Ambassador Leads and staff members

Desired Attributes & Skills

  1. Strong interpersonal and communications skills
  2. Good knowledge of your local community
  3. Knowledge or willingness to learn, of the provincial and federal political environment and public policy arena.
  4. Self-motivated and willing to network, attend events, etc within your community
  5. Knowledge of cancer and the Canadian Cancer Society, or willingness to learn
  6. Able to accurately convey information in an engaging manner and, with training, to speak confidently on CCS programs and services, advocacy priorities, key messages, etc ;
  7. Comfortable with using social media, or willingness to learn
  8. Positive attitude, enthusiasm and a desire to affect positive change for people living with cancer

Benefits & Recognition

  1. Play an integral role by engaging communities into the mission, vision, and values of the CCS
  2. Cultivate and improve communication and advocacy skills
  3. Gain understanding about cancer and CCS
  4. Learn the local , provincial and federal political environment and public policy arena

Time Commitment

½ day to 1 day per month on average (e.g. delivering a presentation, attending an event or promoting campaigns in the community) and attendance at 1-2 training days or events per year. Also must be available to liaise regularly (via email) with volunteer leads and/or CCS staff members