Daffodil Campaign Volunteers/Bénévoles de la campagne des jonquilles

BC - Vancouver - Daffodil Ball - Daffodil Ball Vancouver - Auction Item Pickup Room Host

Auction Item Pickup Room Host 


Number of positions available: 8



Assist in re-locating all the auction items to the pick-up room once the auctions are closed and organizing the sold items for pick-up at the end of the night.  



  • Organized and efficient 

  • Able to act quickly  

  • Excellent customer service skills and a desire to help ensure an excellent experience for guests 

  • Excellent communications skills 

  • Warm, friendly and professional demeanour 




10:00 pm -10:30 pm 

  • Silent Auction Closes - Auction Item Pickup Room Hosts will relocate all auction items from silent auction room to the auction pick up room, keeping items from each auction section together 

  • Organize sold items in the different auction sections, to make pick-up as quick as possible  

  • Begin wrapping fragile items and items that came with own packaging 


10:30 pm 1:00 am 

  • Auction Item Pickup Room Lead will remain at frontline to receive Guests’ receipt (that will indicate auction items sold) 

  • Auction Item Pickup Room Lead will ask Guests to sign one copy (for DB to keep), will hand other copy to Auction Item Pickup Room Hosts 

  • Auction Item Pickup Room Hosts will quickly find auction items for the guests and bring to the frontline 

**Please note that all gift certificates are located in an envelope box, kept in the auction pick up room  

  • Auction Item Pickup Room Hosts will quickly find the corresponding envelope for all auction items and hand to the Auction Item Pickup Room Lead 



9:45 pm  



Date: Saturday, April 15, 2023 

Start: 10:00 pm 

Finish: 1:00 am