Daffodil Campaign Volunteers/Bénévoles de la campagne des jonquilles

BC - Vancouver - Daffodil Ball - Daffodil Ball Vancouver - VIP Table Concierge

VIP Table Concierge 


Number of positions available: 12



Diamond and Gold Table guests have paid a significantly higher price for their tables. VIP Table Concierges assist these VIP Guests as needed throughout dinner to help ensure they have an enjoyable evening. 



  • Excellent customer service skills and a desire to help ensure an excellent experience for our VIP Guests.  

  • Excellent communications skills.  

  • Warm, friendly and professional demeanour.  



Each VIP Concierge will be assigned to approximately 2-3 VIP Tables. 


  • Welcome each guest to their table as they arrive 

  • When table is full, please use script given to introduce yourself 

  • Stand nearby and watch your assigned tables in case a VIP Guest needs you 

  • Guests may need you to do things such as the following: 

  • Get them a Ticket Seller to sell them a Dipping for Diamonds Game Ticket 

  • Locate a hotel server so they can order a bottle of wine 

  • Assist them in placing a bid on a specific Silent Auction Item by using the electronic bidding tablets located at their table 

  • Please assist guests with any reasonable request 

  • If you are unable to answer a guest’s question ask the VIP Host Supervisor to help you find out 

  • At 9:45 pm remind VIP guests that the Silent Auction will be closing at 10:00 pm  

  • At 10:50 pm thank guests again for attending and ask if there is anything else you can do for them, complete this final task, and say goodnight to guests 



6:30 pm



Date: Saturday, April 15, 2023 

Start: 6:30 pm 

Finish: 11:00 pm