Daffodil Campaign Volunteers/Bénévoles de la campagne des jonquilles

BC - Vancouver - Daffodil Ball - Daffodil Ball Vancouver - Cake Auction Recorder

Cake Auction Recorder


Number of positions available: 7



Recorders record the winning bid amount and bid paddle number for each Cake Auction Item and run out to the successful bidder to verify paddle number and obtain the buyer’s signature.  



  • Attentive  

  • Quick moving  

  • Accurate 

  • Clear legible writing  

  • Excellent communications skills  

  • Professional demeanour 




Cake Auction 

  • Recorders will take turns recording the successful bids and running to the successful bidder to complete Bid Sheets 

  • There is a specific pre-printed Live Auction Bid Sheet for every Cake Auction Item. 

  • Each volunteer will have a clipboard with a pre-printed Cake Auction Bid Sheet.  

  • When it is their turn, the volunteer will pay close attention to the auction proceedings, the auctioneer, and the guests bidding, so that they are able to accurately record what the Auctioneer says about the Successful Bidder’s Paddle Number and Winning Bid Amount and know exactly where the successful bidder is in the audience.  

  • The volunteer will write the winning bid amount and the bid paddle number on the appropriate Live Auction Bid Sheet and then immediately run out to the successful bidder. 

  • Volunteer will congratulate the successful bidder (buyer) and thank them for their generous support.  

  • Volunteer will confirm with the buyer the winning bid amount and bid paddle number and ask the buyer to sign the Auction Bid Sheet, thank the buyer again, and quickly return to behind the podium to await instructions 

  • Volunteers will need to conduct the process with successful bidders quite quickly so that they are back in position at the podium when their next item is up.  

  • Volunteers will continue alternating in this way until the Live Auction is completed.  

  • At the conclusion of the Live Auction, all volunteers will give their completed Live Auction Bid Sheets immediately to the Live Auction and Gifts of Hope Lead, who will in turn give them to the Finance Area for data entry. 



7:20 pm



Date: Saturday, April 15, 2023 

Start: 7:45 pm 

Finish: 9:00 pm