Canadian Cancer Society - Jean C Barber Lodge

Lodge Support - Wig and Breast Prosthetic Bank Volunteer


Canadian Cancer Society Lodges provide a supportive environment for people with cancer and their adult companions. The Lodges are located near cancer treatment centres in Vancouver, Kelowna, Victoria and Prince George. The Wig & Breast Prosthetic bank in the Lodges provide a wide range of donated wigs, headwear, permanent prostheses and bras to cancer patients throughout BC and Yukon who have undergone surgery and cannot afford the cost of a wig or prosthesis.


You have a positive impact on the quality and enhancement of life for people affected by cancer. As a Wig & Breast Prosthetic Bank Volunteer you provide practical support to people living with cancer and contribute to their positive self-image.              


  • Provide personalized styling consultations, including follow-up resources as needed
  • Coordinate cleaning, styling and organizing of Wig room supplies and displays
  • Receive and acknowledge donations; hair/wigs, material, hats, jewelry etc.
  • Work in partnership with Lodge volunteers to coordinate procedures and appointment bookings
  • Maintain up-to-date knowledge about CCS resources and support programs.


  • Playing an integral role in the support of the mission, vision and values of the CCS.
  • Joining a team of enthusiastic and interesting people who share your passion for supporting people effected by cancer
  • Volunteering for a respected National organization and increase knowledge of cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment & support services
  • Become confident in your understanding of cancer and the cancer cause along with the impact the Society has.
  • Sharing and building expertise in aesthetics, health and beauty self-care
  • Opportunity to further develop communication skills.



  • CCS Volunteer Orientation
  • Support Program Orientation
  • Role specific training
  • Ongoing updates and Support from Staff Partner in Volunteer Engagement



  • A good listener and able to empathize without providing personal or medical advice
  • Professional, discreet and non-judgmental
  • Experience with hair care products and services, an asset
  • Experience providing direct, one-on-one service and support, an asset
  • Well organized and able to keep accurate records
  • Promotes lodge & Canadian Cancer Society activities, & support services
  • Other duties as assigned and under the direction of the lodge staff


  • The Wig bank is open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM
  • Minimum of 6 months
  • Location: Chalmers Lodge at 1450 W 12th Ave, Vancouver