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Note: We do not accept applications for graduate level internships through this volunteer portal. Please follow the instructions below to initiate an application, which is submitted using the Careers section of the main CC-MD website: . This posting is for reference only.


Clinical internships in the child welfare and mental health programs of Catholic Charities typically extend from late-August to April, lasting at least 2-semesters. (click here to view the listing for undergraduate internships).

Under the supervision of a qualified clinician, Graduate Interns provide individual, family and/or group therapy to clients on an assigned caseload. Depending on the specific program to which the Graduate Intern is assigned, services may be provided in a residential treatment center, community clinic, school, homes, or in a combination of settings as needed to meet program goals and client needs. Client populations are defined by program specifications. This position requires a high level of initiative and independence.


Currently enrolled in a Master’s Degree program (usually Social Work or Counseling).

The position incumbent may be exposed to potentially emotionally demanding situations such as crises and related behavior intervention.

Must be able to move freely between locations which may or may not be accessible to individuals with physical disabilities. Position requires intermittent standing, sitting, walking and physically capable of lifting and moving files/supplies/equipment up to 25 lbs.  Individual requires sufficient visual and hearing acuity to perform duties of position.

To apply

  St. Vincent's Villa Residential Treatment Center Community Based Programs (Villa Maria OMHC, Center for Family Services)
Students from partnership schools: University of Maryland School of Social Work, Loyola University of MD, Johns Hopkins University, Towson University, University of Baltimore, and McDaniel College. Lisa Gudavich Sara Rothstein
Students from other schools (non-online).* Lisa Gudavich N/A*

Applicants may apply at - please do not use the application form attached to this volunteer portal.

*Our residential program will accept applications from schools with which we do not have a partnership on a limited basis. At this time, however, our community programs only consider applicants from partnership schools. None of our programs can currently take applications from students in online programs.