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In Kind Donation Drives - Juice Boxes & Miniature Bottles



Thank you for your interest in the Juice Boxes & Miniature Bottles donation drive for Sarah's House shelter clients!

More than half of Sarah's House clients are children ranging from the age of infancy to teenagers. Many of our children are enrolled in Sarah's House licensed childcare program where they received 3 meals per day plus a snack. With every meal/snack, the children receive a beverage.

Typically, when children receive a fruity beverage it is with their afternoon snack. Per Maryland State Childcare licensing, children must be given 100% fruit juice when a fruity beverage is provided by a licensed childcare facility.

Often times, Sarah's House doesn't have a fruity beverage to provide so childcare staff frequently provide milk and water to the childcare. When there is a fruity beverage available it is a special treat for the children.

Sarah's House is looking for motivated volunteers to start juice donation drives within their communities for the Sarah's House children. Our goal is to fill two pantries with as many juice boxes and miniature bottles that can safely fit into the space.

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Mandatory Volunteer Hours:

For those volunteers that are seeking to obtain hours for mandated community service and school service learning, you can obtain your necessary volunteer hours if you fill up the specified box size equal to the number of volunteer hours you need.

For example, if you need 32 volunteer hours, you can fill up (32) medium boxes, (8) large boxes, (4) extra large boxes or any combination of boxes that will equal to 32 volunteer hours.

Here are links to the different size boxes (the brand of the box is not important; being able to fill the box is what we are looking for) and how much each box of donations is worth in volunteer hours:


Medium Box = 1 hour


Large Box = 4 hours -


Extra Large Box = 8 hours -

Responsibilities for activity:

1. Ask your friends, family, schoolmates, neighbors, churches, clubs, colleagues or whomever you think will contribute to helping us fill our pantries with a variety of 100% fruit juice boxes!

2. Collect your items the prior to the day that you sign up for the activity.

  • For example, if you sign up on Thurs, 07/11/19 at 1p that means you want to collect your juices prior to 07/11/19 @1p. On 07/11/19 @ 1p when you arrive, you will walk inside to speak to the front desk receptionist located inside 2015 20th Street Fort Meade, MD 20775 (you will see and blue and white Sarah’s House sign in front of the bldg).  You will let the receptionist know that you have juices to drop off in bldg. 2014's Snack & Beverage closet at the end of the handicap ramp.

3. If you are a community service volunteer or collecting hours for school related purposes, ask the receptionist to contact Candice Willie , Bruce Clopein or Janis Luna so that we greet you and assess the amount of items you've contributed so that your can receive the appropriate amount of volunteer hours.

5. If you are simply donating these items for assist us with our needs, you will drop the items off in the designated area shared with you by the receptionist.

Your primary POC for this donation drive:

Candice Willie

Operations Manager

Your secondary POC for this donation drive:

Bruce Clopein

Volunteer Manager

Your 3rd POC for this donation drive:

Janis Luna

Project Serve Intern

You can reach either POC at