Childcare - Crafts for Kids

Crafts for Kids

If you're interested in making a difference by adding to the child care experience, look no further than Child Care at Sarah's House!!!

Purpose:  To gain a plethora of thematic and/or seasonal crafts/activities in order to be equipped to offer a variety of learning tools for the advancement of the children experiencing homelessness and trauma who reside at Sarah's House and are enrolled in our child care center.

We are looking for all the volunteers who understand what tools are needed to keep children engaged in a structured and stable environment.  You can donate supplies, or donate an actual craft for the children to construct (we would post the children's finished product on our Friends of Sarah's House facebook page).  In order to purchase the correct amount for each classroom, below is the information needed.  Infants 6weeks-17months: 6, Toddlers 18 months-35 months: 6, Preschool 3-5 year olds: 13 & School-Age 6-12 year olds: 15

If you would love to help the cause and you would rather we do the shopping, gift cards are welcomed to the following stores:  Michaels, Walmart, or Target.  To ensure your donation gets to the correct place, send directly to:

Child Care at Sarah's House                                                                              2017 20thStreet                                                                                                     

Fort Meade, MD 20755                                                                                       Attention, Child Care Director, Alexis Banks

Below is our wish list along with pictures:

Crayons  Markers  Paintbrushes  Washable Paint  Construction Paper  Foam Sheets Slime


Qualifications Required

  • Completed background check Must be Yes