Sarah's House

Childcare - Sponsor a Child

Sponsor a Child

Ages 6 weeks-12

Hours of Operation:  Monday-Friday 7a-5p


Child Care At Sarah's House is a licensed facility that provides a nurturing place with structured lesson plans and educational/recreational activities that stimulate interest while enhancing learning abilities.  


Child Care At Sarah's House is currently provided a grant which pays for 3 weeks of Child Care Tuition as parents work on obtaining Purchase of Child Care Vouchers in order to pay for the child care services.  Providing 3 weeks of Child Care at no cost to the resident greatly benefits the parents, as they are able to look for jobs, keep their current jobs, and attend meetings, counseling/therapy sessions without worrying about who will mind their children.  This opportunity is crucial in aiding our residents towards becoming self-sufficient. 


Since we've come to the end of the grant funds, Child Care At Sarah's House is looking for volunteers/donors who'd like to sponsor a child, so we can continue to support these families. 


$4,000 can pay for 22 weeks of child care for an infant/toddler 6weeks-24 months.  We would like to raise $5,000 in order to continue to offer child care services to our residents until they receive the Purchase of Child Care Vouchers (this process can take 3 weeks to 30 days).  Time is crucial, as some residents are unable to report to work because they don't have adequate child care.  Any donation is appreciated in helping us get towards our goal.

To make a donation for this cause, simply designate checks/money orders as payable to Child Care at Sarah's House.  In the memo section, please be sure to write "Child Care Tuition."  These funds will be restricted for child care services only. 


For additional questions:

Point of Contact is Alexis Tucker, Child Care Director. 

Email:    Phone:  (667)6003572