Z FSD-FXG (archived)

General/Ongoing - Social Enterprise/Business Coaching with Disabled Person [PRIORITY]

At Gallagher Services, we work with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to help them achieve their life goals. We work with many talented people in our day programs who make art, grow vegetables and flowers, and make household items.

We are looking for people of various backgrounds to help coach them as well as help them practically.


Perhaps you're a marketing or business student or a professional or a retiree. Do you have a few hours per month to work with a Gallagher staff person and a person with intellectual disabilities to help them develop their own social enterprise? We would love to have you involved.


There are varying examples. Here is James' story: 

James Brower designs, creates, and sells personalized welcome mats at the Gribbin Center, a day program of Gallagher Services for adults with intellectual disabilities. And he needs some help! The last step of creating a welcome mat is the attachment of a rubber edge on both ends of the mat. But this requires the use of a wire cutter tool to cut and bend fourteen stainless steel rods. James, who uses a wheelchair and only has the use of his left hand, does not have enough grip strength to work the tool. 

We are looking for a volunteer who could visit James one per week and finish the mats he has completed that week. Would you be willing to help?