Sarah's House

Kitchen Services (Civil Rights & Safe Food Handling Trainings Required Prior to Volunteering) - Weekday Dinner Meal Service - Set Up, Prepare, Serve & Clean Up

Have you ever thought about working in a kitchen? Do you like to plan? Do you like to organize, keep areas tidy and clean? Do you like to cook or do you enjoy being the Taste Tester?  Do you like to interact with people? Do you have experience working in a commercial kitchen?

If your answer is, "Yes" to any of these questions, you and/or group should consider preparing and serving a meal in Sarah's House kitchen.

Maximum number of people per group: 5 (per Fire Marshall code)

Dinner start time: 5pm

Duration of meal time: 1 hour

Number of people to expect for dinner: 60 to 70


If you and/or your group has to prepare the meal from scratch, we recommend arriving 2 hours early to allow enough time to prepare the food and set up the kitchen and dining hall.

If you and/or your group has the meal already prepared and only has to reheat the items, we recommend arriving 1 hour early to allow enough time to reheat the food and set up the kitchen and dining hall.


  • Completes New Volunteer Orientation, Civil Rights & Responsibilities and Serve Safe Food Handling training.
  • Provides and ensures sanitary conditions and organization of the dining room, kitchen, and work areas.
  • Ensures that health regulations are observed for all meals prepared.
  • Ability to provide meal for a large group; whether that be preparing the meal yourself or purchasing a meal for the group.

How to dress for meal service?

Anyone in the kitchen must wear proper attire:  gloves, aprons, hair nets, beard guards, closed-toed shoes, no dangling jewelry or clothes.

Primary POC:

Candice Willie

Operations Manager


Secondary POC:

Julie Martin

Administrative Assistant




When a volunteer "Signs Up" for an activity that doesn't guarantee the person(s) will automatically be scheduled on the day/shift selected. After the Administrator has reviewed the volunteer's qualifications, the volunteer will receive an email that states, "Yes, you meet the qualifications and have been assigned to the activity or No, you do not meet the qualifications and asked to select another activity".

Once the Administrator assigns this activity, date and time the volunteer selected will appear on the volunteer's "Schedule" tab. The volunteer will need to click on the "Confirm" icon to accept this activity. Clicking the "Confirm" icon will inform the Administrator that the volunteer has committed to this activity. You must “Confirm” in order to officially be listed as a participant.


Qualifications Required

  • Civil Rights Training (meal groups/kitchen volunteers) Must be Yes
  • Completed background check Must be Yes
  • How much weight can you lift? Must be at least Up to 10 pounds
  • Serve Safe Food Handling Training (meal groups/kitchen volunteers) Must be Yes

Schedule Summary

This activity generally occurs on

  • Monday - Afternoon, Evening