Family Services - Youth Behavioral Health & Adult Disabilities - Gallagher & Villa programs

Working with Adults with Intellectual Disabilities - Pet Visits

Volunteers can visit one of our group homes or our day programs as assigned with their pets.  All pets must be temperament tested, be spayed or neutered, be current with all shots.  Documentation is required annually. Volunteers will be assigned to a specific site.  All pet visits must be approved and scheduled in advance with the site.    

Please contact Janine-Marie Boulad at 667-600-2040 or with any questions.

Qualifications Required

  • Background Check
  • Interview Must be Interview complete
  • Maryland Animal Health Certification & Rabies Vaccination Certification Must be Clear
  • Media Release Must be Consented
  • Policy forms Must be at least Confidentiality form only
  • Reference check Must be at least 2 clear
  • Sterling Volunteers Criminal Background Check Must be at least Not required (minor)

Schedule Summary

This activity generally occurs on

  • Monday - Morning, Afternoon, Evening
  • Tuesday - Morning, Afternoon, Evening
  • Wednesday - Morning, Afternoon, Evening
  • Thursday - Morning, Afternoon, Evening
  • Friday - Morning, Afternoon, Evening
  • Saturday - Morning, Afternoon, Evening
  • Sunday - Morning, Afternoon, Evening