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Ongoing - Working with Adults with Intellectual Disabilities - [REMOTE OPTION] Online Content Creation - Make Fun Activity Videos

Great option for those with basic video recording and editing skills, like students and others. We are looking for folks to make creative videos that can be used in activities for adults with intellectual disabilities. We're looking for content that is personable and friendly. For more info, contact Mikael Kristiansen at

See below for some great ideas by volunteer, Michaela.

Music Trivia

Drawing animals from numbers


"I have decided to make these videos because I wanted to provide the Gallagher community with some fun activities to participate in from the comfort of their own homes.  The coronavirus has made it more difficult to meet with others in person but by watching the YouTube videos, everyone is still able to have fun while also staying safe.  I normally come up with my ideas for videos week to week and I try to come up with activities that would appeal to the whole community so that everyone can enjoy them.  I am honored to be able to provide these videos and I am looking forward to continuing!"