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During the COVID-19 pandemic, some of our donation priorities have changed. You can find a current wish list on Amazon ( ) or by contacting Sunnye Fredia,


Below you'll find a list of the greatest needs: most requested items to enhance children's therapy environments. Therapists, Social Workers, and Residential Treatment Counselors incorporate toys that will help each child to reach their goals. As simplistic as they seem, every one of the items below has great therapeutic value to help kids heal from trauma, build coping ability, and practice interpersonal skills. 


The behavioral health clinicians of Catholic Charities serve kids and families all over the state. They work in well over 150 public and parochial schools, supporting kids with emotional challenges. They work in clinics in 8 counties, serving thousands of low-income families without private insurance. They work in our residential program, providing intense treatment to severely behaviorally challenged children around the clock. They work in the foster care system, equipping parents to work with difficult-to-place children. They work in special education schools, creating environments where kids can succeed. They work inside people’s homes, interceding when a child is on the brink of psychiatric hospitalization or a family needs respite or extra support.


These social workers, therapists, and psychoeducators are passionate, creative, and compassionate. They offer programs where kids can work through difficult emotional challenges and develop new strategies for success. These are some of the most requested items by clinicians working with children with emotional disabilities:

  • Fidgets (Tangles, stress balls, Koosh, Klixx, Jeliku, Playdoh, Kinetic Sand)
  • Therapeutic Games or Storybooks (titles available on Amazon wish list "Season of Wonder")
  • Board Games (Trouble, Sorry, checkers, chess, Connect Four, Scrabble, Battleship, Chutes & Ladders)
  • Card Games (Uno, Skip-Bo, Phase 10, playing cards)
  • Concentration Games (Operation, Don't Break the Ice, Jenga, Simon, Guess Who?)
  • Gift Cards for Children's Clothing Needs (Kohls, Old Navy, Walmart)
  • Gift Cards for Children's Activities (AMF Bowling, Regal Cinema, Skateland, Go-Karts, miniature golf, Dave & Buster's, MD Science Center, MD Zoo, Port Discovery)
  • Gift Cards for Off-Ground Dining (Outback, Chick Fil-A, Pizza Hut, IHOP, Hibachi Grill, Golden Corral, Coldstone Creamery, Rita's Italian Ice, Chuck E, Cheese)
  • Writing Journals for both adolescent boys & girls (not notebooks)
  • Individually-Wrapped Incentive Toys (Stickers, Bey Blades, Matchbox Cars, Pokemon cards, small Lego sets [50-120 piece], Stress Balls, Ravens pencils or keychains), earbuds
  • Art Supplies (glitter, Elmer's school glue, colored pencils, washable markers, watercolors, tempera or poster paints, paint brushes, construction paper, sketch pads, stickers, pony beads, Perler beads, art supply kits)
  • Craft Kits (Rainbow looms with extra bands, bead kits, craft project kits, crafts designed for boys, sand art, snap together models, sun catchers)
  • Activity Books (coloring books, adult coloring books, learn to draw books, word-finds, puzzle books for ages 6-14)
  • Lego Sets (100-400 pieces)
  • Play Figures (superhero, wrestling action figures, ethnically-diverse Barbie and Ken, Pokemon toys)
  • Sports Equipment (footballs, football gloves, basketballs, kickballs, yoga mats, Nerfoops)
  • Portable Sand Trays (available on Amazon wish list "Season of Wonder")
  • Portable Dollhouses with Doll Families (ethnically diverse) (available on Amazon wish list "Season of Wonder")
  • Sleep Devices (white noise machines, nightlights, soft stuffed animals [1-3ft], alarm clocks)
  • Inexpensive, Battery-Powered Sound Equipment (boomboxes, portable CD players, Blutooth speakers, headphones, noise-canceling headphones)

If you are interested in organizing a TOY DRIVE for your organization, we suggest you select 2-4 categories from the list above. Focusing on fewer options generates the most excitement for your department, team, or club and the most impact for our programs! Contact Sunnye Fredia,, with any questions.

Season of Wonder donors

Season of Wonder is our annual Christmas campaign to support our child welfare, behavioral health, and violence prevention programs. Find out more at Below you can select your preferred delivery date. Delivery instructions will be sent to you within three days of signing up and a specific delivery appointment will be confirmed with you after Thanksgiving.

Amazon Wish-lists

At any point in the year, you can easily contribute most needed items to our programs by using one of the wish-lists below:

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