Police - Citizens Police Academy

The Citizens On Patrol (COP) Unit is a high-visibility, non-confrontational volunteer group which has been formed to help reduce and prevent crime, assist patrol in non-law enforcement activities, and maintain a constant visible presence in the City of Coppell. The primary tasks of COP will be to provide crime deterrence through patrols, report in-progress crimes, and suspicious persons or activities, document unsafe conditions, assist in traffic control as directed, tow truck standby service, and support the CPD in community activities such as parades or other events. COP members will provide operational assistance to on duty department members. 

Persons wanting to become a member of the City Of Coppell Police Department Citizen’s On Patrol program must meet the following criteria:

1.       Be at least twenty-one years of age

2.       Possess a valid Texas Driver’s License

3.       Have no felony convictions

4.       Have no record of arrest or conviction for criminal offenses Class B misdemeanor penalty group or higher, or some Class C misdemeanor penal law violations involving moral turpitude

5.       Have no habitual record of Class C misdemeanor traffic violations

6.       Past illegal use of drugs will be in accordance with current full-time employee policy standards

7.       Must pass a background check

8.       Be in good physical condition, relevant to the position for which they will be volunteering

9.       Have the ability and desire to volunteer at least (8) hours per month.

10.     Must live or work in the City of Coppell or as authorized by the Chief of Police

11.     Graduate of Coppell Citizen Police Academy

12.   Member in good standing of Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association

13.   Be in compliance with the City Of Coppell Safety Manual Vehicle Operator Standards as set for by the ESARC committee.

14.   Successfully complete the Citizen On Patrol Classroom and Field Training Program


NOTE: Applicants who have a Concealed Handgun License; COP members are not permitted to carry any type of firearm with them while involved in any Citizens on Patrol activities.