Alameda County Library

Union City Volunteering - Social Hangout (designed with disabilities in mind)

Social Hangout (designed with disabilities in mind) is a chance from children 10+ to socialize, talk about their interests, and try out a board game or other group games in a welcoming library setting. The program is designed to be accessible to children with complex needs, with games and activity adaptations for mobility challenges and sensory needs.

Future dates will be scheduled Fridays, 4:00 - 6:00 pm

Volunteer Roles

Possible roles include:

  • interacting with children and families (playing board games, helping facilitate interaction between children, planning and leading activities, helping with name tags, etc.)
  • room set up and clean up (setting up chairs, cleaning up toys, etc.)
  • distribution of program materials (handing group game materials, handouts, surveys, etc.)

This is a great way to learn best practices for complex communication needs and activity adaptations to make all members of the public feel welcome.

After signing up for this opportunity, you will receive an email confirmation for next steps about volunteering. *Please only express interest if you can commit to at least 3-6 sessions*

Qualifications Required

  • Age Level Must be at least High School Teen