Library--Almaden Branch

Programmatic - Adult or Teen Program Volunteer

Do you have a passion for teaching? Want to share your skills with your community? Or just want to connect with others and talk about your favorite movie? Whether it's Chess, Coding, Origami, Language Learning or anything in between, become a Program Volunteer to lead a program with the library and share your passion.
Almaden Branch Library is always on the lookout for motivated volunteers that have something they’d love to teach or share with their community. If you have an idea for a project, class, or program you would like to turn into a reality, the library wants to hear from you and lend its support.
  • Encourage lifelong learning to community youth
  • Connect with your community and provide a desired service
  • Share or gain experience with program management and leadership skills
  • Develop mentoring skills


Schedule is dependent on the availability of the volunteer.

Volunteer Qualifications:

Qualifications Required

  • Age Must be at least 15+