Library - Alviso Branch

Programmatic - Teens Reach Leadership Volunteers at Berryessa (In-Person at Berryessa Branch)

This opportunity is for teens who want to take a more active role in how programs and services are delivered to teens and the general public. This is also a great way to meet other teens who are volunteering at the library.

Expected Duties

Effect change through proposing Teens Reach Meeting and Program content that aligns with theme set forth by officers for that academic year.

Make decisions regarding how Teens Reach Officers' expectations, selection, and administrative structure.

Collaborate with Teens Reach Officers to implement their theme for meetings during the academic year.

Plan Meetings that align with the theme that officers have set forth for the academic year.

Travel Requirements

Currently, this opportunity is not available at the Alviso Branch. When you apply, if you express an interest for this position, your account will be transferred to the Berryessa Branch. You will also have to commute to the Berryessa Branch to volunteer.

Teens Reach Meetings are Indoors where Masks are Required except when Eating or Drinking.

Expected Commitment

Active Teens Reach Members are required to attend meetings once per month. If you cannot make it, please reach out to the Teens Reach Coordinator Shih Fa Kao or one of your officers if you feel more comfortable with that.


  1. Review the  Volunteer Handbook, which will be emailed to you, and be aware of the following branch-specific policies.
    1. In some instances, you hours will be auto-logged, but it is still your responsibility to make sure that all hours that you have volunteered will be credited to you.
    2. The volunteer handbook says to contact your Coordinator of Volunteer Engagement if you will be late or absent, however, as you are a teen volunteer, I am you onsite supervisor, so you will contact me if you are going to be late or absent from a shift you sign up for.
    3. Do not use electronic devices if they will interfere with completing your assigned volunteer tasks.
    4. Do not visit with friends who are not volunteering with you.
    5. No eating or drinking on the public floor (bottled water is permissible). You may take a break to eat if volunteering for 4 hours or more in a day. Please inform me when you are taking a break.
    6. Do not bring a child/sibling you must supervise.
    7. While we will allow you to use onsite lockers to store valuables, please make sure to bring your own lock, and the library cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen items.
  2. Sign and submit the volunteer signature form: a link will be sent to you after you apply and answer some questions.
  3. Verify your vaccination status prior to beginning your volunteer assignment.
  4. Additionally, you will be required to attend an orientation when in-person volunteering and onsite meetings resume. 

Other Volunteer Opportunities

As volunteers are needed for other programs and services, we will email all volunteers. Please check your email regularly.

Policy for References and Letters of Recommendation

This opportunity is designed for teens who are interested in developing leadership and teamwork skills, but it will require being proactive to accomplish your goals. Accomplishments will vary, requests for letters of recommendation will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis at the sole discretion of the Alviso and Berryessa Teens Reach Coordinator: Shih Fa Kao.

As volunteers in this program will not receive a regular schedule, professional reference requests will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis; however, please note that this opportunity is not designed to give you professional work experience. For that, please apply for our Semester/Summer Teen Library Services Volunteer Opportunity.

Qualifications Required

  • Age Must be at least 13+