Library--Village Square Branch

Programmatic - Program Facilitator - Adult Volunteer


All volunteer led programs must be preapproved by library staff.  A volunteer agreement will be completed between the library and the volunteer which describes the specific details of the program.




Position Overview:


Facilitate or teach a program (dance, arts & crafts, music, etc.) at the library.




  • Set up the program area
  • Develop teaching materials or curriculum for program
  • Provide instruction consistent with the program format
  • Return room to original condition
  • Communicate regularly with staff about scheduling and program
  • Assist with promotional efforts for the program




  • Connect with your community and provide a desired service
  • Develop teaching and mentoring skills
  • Share a talent with others


Training/Support Available:


  • Library orientation provided
  • Training and support will be determined based on the individual position agreement
  • Support from staff to promote program through events calendar and other methods




  • Demonstrated ability to lead a program with a genuine interest in student success
  • Fingerprinting required for volunteers age 18 and over
  • Age 18 or over preferred (will consider 15 or over)




Willingness to teach the class for the duration agreed upon

Qualifications Required

  • Age Must be at least 18+