Adopt-a-Park / Adopt-a-Trail

Adopt-A-Park - Park Cleanup

For a complete listing of parks and trails, please click here.

Areas to Adopt

You can adopt the entire park, trail or a particular area in a park, including:

  • Sports Fields
  • Playgrounds
  • Exercise Courses
  • Courts
  • Flower Beds
  • Trees and Shrubs
  • Trails
  • Undeveloped Park Land

What You Can Do

Volunteers can:

  • Pick up litter
  • Rake leaves
  • Remove graffiti
  • Report park hazards
  • Sweep courts and pathways
  • Pull weeds
  • Care for ecosystems
  • Plant native plants
  • Report homeless encampments, illegal dumping, storm damage, injured or dead animals, mountain lions, and other hazards.

Minimum Commitment

We ask for a minimum commitment of one year of service to your adopted park or trail. We also ask that volunteers perform tasks at their location a minimum of once per month.

Qualifications Required

  • Orientation Completed Must be at least Yes