Library--East San José Carnegie Branch

Programmatic - Summer Math Tutor

Are you interested in providing summertime math tutoring to students in  5th-10th grade?  Please signup, then schedule a time to talk  with Edith Sutterlin., Coordinator of Volunteer Engagement. 

Help local school students to learn math concepts and math problem-solving skills.  Watch their confidence build as they master their math comprehension.

  • Help students with Common Core math concepts and problems.
  • Coach students during appointments available to individuals or small groups at a similar math level - Interested Student participants will be able to sign up for up to 4 sessions at a time to allow some progress and continuity.
  • Develop, learn, and/or lead math enrichment activities, including games, to help children strengthen their skills.

Skills/ Experience Needed:

  • Dependable, patient, and flexible
  • Strong oral communication skills a must
  • Prior experience tutoring is a plus, but not required
  • Confident in mathematics - concepts, calculations, and problem-solving-- at least up through high school algebra and/or basic geometry required.
  • Experience or interest working with youth
  • Second language ability a plus, but not required
  • For teens: Minimum MATH GPA of 3.0 recommended. Must have the requisite skills to support elementary school students. This can be strength in one subject area or general knowledge in multiple areas.
  • For adults: Strong math comprehension and experience/ability to help explain problem solving and math texts.
  • For adults: Fingerprint clearance required for volunteers age 18 and over
  • Tutors must commit to at least 5 weeks between June 13- August 3
  • Tutors must commit to availability of at least one to two hours weekly, Thursday, 3-5 p.m.

Qualifications Required

  • Age Must be at least 15+