Idyllwild Nature Center Adopt-A-Trail - Trail Steward

The primary role of a Steward is to provide support to the Adopt-A-Trail/Playground Program by serving as “eyes, ears, and mouth” for the District on trails, in parks, and open spaces. The Steward earns association with a specific site within the District by conducting regular visits, reporting on conditions, and interacting with other visitors in the field.  Additionally, they may assist with volunteer work days and other events.  Stewardship is accomplished by attending training sessions, regularly inspecting and reporting on trails, reporting violations of park rules and regulations, communicating feedback to District employees, and greeting other trail users. Depending on the location and circumstances, additional roles may include identifying hazardous materials or situations, identifying species of plants or animals, removing litter, sorting recyclables, repairing or constructing trails and park features as approved by District, performing janitorial duties or other uses of cleaning chemicals, maintaining facilities and performing simple repairs, maintaining landscaping, using computers or other electronic communications equipment, and other work to support District operations.