Pet Bereavement Support Service - UK wide

Bereavement support service roles - Pet Bereavement Support Service Email Volunteer

About our Service

Our Service provides home-based email and phone emotional support and practical information to help pet owners with feelings of grief and loss.  This may be as a result of death, illness, enforced separation, any form of loss of a pet. We have  supported pet owners for nearly 25 years and also provide training to staff at Veterinary Practices and Guide Dog Centres.

What we are looking for 

·       Good written communication skills

·       Warm calm approachable manner

·       Computer literate

·       Experience of pet bereavement

·       A commitment to working on the email rota for 1 week per month or as required, answering emails within 48 hours of PBSS initially receiving them.

        Being available to check emails weekly when off the rota.

·       Able to empathise with others

·       Reliable

·       Non-judgmental

·       Home based working with a quiet and undisturbed area of the home to use

·       Ability to undertake 12 week training course and submit written materials

What you will be doing:

 ·      Committing to be on the rota one week a month

·       supporting email clients

·       Signposting to other helpful resources such as websites, GP or Samaritans

·       Covering shifts where possible for illness and holidays

 ·      Maintaining confidentiality

·       Having monthly support sessions with your mentor

·       Contributing to the service with new ideas


Benefits to you:

  • Being part of Blue Cross
  • Making a difference to someone at their time of need
  • Flexible volunteering from home
  • Learning new skills
  • Being part of a vital team and feeling supported
  • 12 week training course via e learning
  • Supported by other volunteers.


You can also make a donation to help more pets if  you would like to.

For further information please call 01993 867216.


Qualifications Required

  • Age group Must be at least 18 and older