City of Bend Operations: Streets and Operations, Utilities and Airport

Environmental/Beautification - Laurel Pocket Park

Monthly Garden Maintenance includes:

  1. weeding and thinning
  2. planting
  3. raking
  4. general clean up

Qualifications Required

  • Admin Only: Informed Consent Form Acknowledged Must be Yes

Mission Statement


The City of Bend will be renowned for its innovation and vibrant quality of life.

Providing the right public services for the Bend way of life.


  • Integrity: We are honest and ethical in all actions taken, even when no one is watching.


  • Accountability: We are accountable to the public and we take responsibility for the actions and decisions of the City.


  • Innovation: We embrace change, are flexible and do not hesitate to experiment with new ideas, programs or technologies to improve our effectiveness.


  • Communication: We commit to the open, clear, timely, constructive and collaborative exchange of information focused toward results.