The Salvation Army - Branson, MO

Local Officer Positions - Visitation Coordinator


Visitation Coordinator


Ministry Description:

The Visitation Coordinator is to systematically plan calls on all visitors and soldiers in their homes, hospital rooms, jails, prisons, detention facilities, etc., to minister in areas of need, to share the gospel and/or to invite them to Corps or chapel time / Bible study. The Visitation Coordinator will provide training to Visitation Team Members orienting them to proper methods for maintaining sensitivity to those they serve by observing and listening to their needs and concerns, being a consistent support through prayer and encouragement. The Visitation Coordinator relays all prayer requests and praise notes to CO(s) so appropriate follow-up will occur. The Visitation Coordinator can offer suggestions and creative input for developing specialized approaches and teams to match the passion, gift(s) and skill(s) of the visitor to those being visited, so as to provide a better connecting point for ministry.




Spiritual Gifts:

administration, encouragement, leadership, mercy


able to relate to people and encourage them


People and evangelism



Soldiership Required:

no, Commissioned or Warranted


to be worked out with CO


2 years renewable

Qualifications Required

  • Background Check