Midland Divisional Social Services

St. Louis Regional Social Services - Shelter Services Coordinator Practicum

Position Title: Shelter Services Coordinator Practicum Schedule: Internship/Practicum for School

Program Credit, Approx. 14-18 Hrs Per Week (flexible based on student’s credit requirements)

Date Position Available: Summer +/or Fall and Winter Semester ’22, with possibility to continue into Spring Semester ‘23

Preferred Aptitude: Demonstrated interest in supportive services; demonstrated ability to advocate, organize, problem-solve, and follow through in service provision. Passion for improving homelessness and housing services. Commitment to upholding high standards.

Main Duties & Responsibilities: 1. Promote a positive social climate that fosters residents’ psychosocial well-being by assisting with development and implementation of educational and recreational programs for resident participation. 2. Utilize interpersonal skills while engaging with residents and connecting to resources. 3. Serve as liaison between residents and TSA, documenting and organizing contact with residents and relaying highlights at relevant meetings. 4. Maintain knowledge of TSA’s housing programs in order to provide referrals to residents (i.e. Homes of Hope; Veterans Residence). 5. Homes of Hope Permanent Housing Program: Address issues pertaining to vacancies +/ service provision, and provide updates on resolution of issues at meetings. 6. Identify leaders among the residents to volunteer / offer opportunities related to news stories, donor seminars, and various Communications. 7. Document any cleanliness/aesthetic concerns pertaining to Family Haven and assist task manager with addressing concerns. Qualifications: * Bachelor or Masters Student from an accredited school of Social Work or in related human services field. * Commitment to providing high-quality services and assistance to individuals utilizing services. * Team player, self-motivated, able to multi-task and perform well under time restrictions. * Some knowledge of housing / homelessness resources in St. Louis and Missouri a plus. * Proficiency in MS Office applications a plus. * Pass background check.

Qualifications Required

  • Background Check
  • How much can you lift comfortably? Must be at least 20 lbs
  • Which age category do you belong? Must be at least 18 or older