The Salvation Army - Branson, MO

Local Officer Positions - Women’s Ministries Secretary


Women’s Ministry Secretary*


Ministry Description:

This person will serve as the coordinator, encourager and leader (or assist CO responsible) for planning with a vision for all Women’s Ministries groups. She may be a leader of one of the Women’s Ministries groups. She will ensure that all positions are filled and functioning. She will work with and report to the CO(s) responsible for WM programming and participate in the review by the division as a key local. She will lead the planning process for coordinating regular and special events, such as Annual Women’s Sunday and Annual Women’s Ministries Meeting, preparations for camp, etc. She may attend Territorial and Divisional Leadership Institutes when possible and participate in improvement of this leadership. She will participate as a key corps leadership team member, serving on the Corps Council, and working with the corps vision and goals. She will encourage WM groups contribute toward Self Denial World Services and other projects.


Spiritual Gifts:

leadership, administration, encouragement


organizational skills, ability to lead and set vision, ability to plan, set goals and implement them


The spiritual, social, emotional growth of women in the corps and community



Soldiership Required:

yes, Commissioned


to be worked out with CO


2 years renewable


* The Assistant Women’s Ministries Secretary would help as directed, presumably being trained to potentially become the WM Secretary. A separate position description is not needed.

Qualifications Required

  • Background Check