Midland Divisional Social Services

Veteran's Residence - Veterans Residence Peer Support Specialist

Welcome to Salvation Army Veteran Residence (SAVR)!!!  As we develop our peer-helping-peer service alliance, it is important that we are aware of the full expectations of this weekly support.

The following is a useful description of the expectations of the Salvation Army Veteran Residence Peer Support Duties:

  1. Facilitate 2 (one hour each) assigned groups per week. (A) Facilitating and leading recovery groups
  2. Build peer support relationships with residents with individualized coaching for one full day (eight hours) of the week.  This will include but not limited to (A) peer-to-peer mentoring or coaching, (B) recovery resource connection.
  3. Incorporate open assignment/task hours for various activities and walk-ins (five hours) of the week. (A) Building community with supports.

Qualifications Required

  • Background Check
  • Which age catergory do you belong? Must be at least 18 or older