The Salvation Army - Branson, MO

Local Officer Positions - Community Care Ministries Secretary


Community Care Ministries Secretary


Ministry Description:

The CCM Secretary is responsible the development and function of a multi-faceted program to enable those in the corps to demonstrate care in their community through practical, meaningful, sometimes unique methods. These activities include regular and seasonal visits to institutions and shut-ins as well as a variety of compassionate deeds, giving practical assistance to the elderly, shut-ins, those recently released from the hospital, and mothers with newborns. It may include: a telephone reassurance program; support for caregivers; etc. The CCM secretary will coordinate the participation of corps groups in the areas of visitation, providing music for programs at institutions, and assisting in preparation of gifts to be delivered. All ages and genders should find their place in the Community Care Ministries.

The CCM Secretary, under the direction of the CO(s), will: recruit help; arrange for member training; schedule visits; and keep statistics for visits and for individual participation. The CCM should be familiar with the Central Territory training materials and program resources as well as International Guidelines for CCM. The training materials can be used in a group or individual setting.



Spiritual Gifts:

leadership, encouragement, evangelism, service, mercy, helps


ability to organize groups, communication skills


sharing Christ with vulnerable of community, serving others



Soldiership Required:

yes, Commissioned or Warranted


to be worked out with CO


2 years renewable

Qualifications Required

  • Background Check
  • Which age catergory do you belong? Must be at least 18 or older