The Salvation Army - Cape Girardeau Worship and Community Center

Emergency Disaster Services - Emergency Disaster Team Member

From its inception, The Salvation Army has relied heavily on volunteers who support its programs. Often referred to as “the army behind The Army," volunteers play a crucial role in response efforts during a disaster by positively impacting the lives of those involved.
In times of community crisis, people frequently want to “give back” and look for ways to share their time and talents with others. Being a part of The Salvation Army’s Emergency Disaster Relief work is an opportunity to provide basic human needs to disaster survivors and first responders in the aftermath of devastating events. For more information... click here.

The first step in becoming a disaster volunteer with The Salvation Army's Emergency Disaster Services program is to create an online profile and complete a simple application. Click the button below in order to begin that process. After you have completed the online application, your information will be shared with The Salvation Army in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. 

While each disaster creates its own unique circumstances and special needs, Salvation Army disaster relief efforts focus on seven core services.

  • Training
  • Food Service
  • Emotional and Spiritual Care
  • Emergency Communications
  • Disaster Social Services
  • Donation Management
  • Recovery




Qualifications Required

  • Background Check
  • Which age catergory do you belong? Must be at least 18 or older