The Salvation Army - Branson, MO

Local Officer Positions - Deputy Corps Treasurer


Deputy Corps Treasurer


Ministry Description:

The Deputy Corps Treasurer (DCT) is the lay person who helps with the finances of the corps in the absence of the Corps Treasurer. The main responsibilities are to oversee offering collections and cartridges, help count income at Christmas, educate the congregation and promote tithing and giving to all areas of corps work, help plan stewardship campaign, to assist the CO with financial balance and awareness. An understanding of Corps accounting procedures and reporting is important. Confidentiality in matters concerning tithing and individual gifts is very important.


Please refer to O & R for Corps Secretaries & Treasurers for details




Spiritual Gifts:

administration, encouragement, leadership, mercy


able to relate to people and encourage them


People and evangelism



Soldiership Required:

no, Commissioned or Warranted


to be worked out with CO


2 years renewable


Qualifications Required

  • Background Check
  • Which age catergory do you belong? Must be at least 18 or older