The Salvation Army - Branson, MO

Local Officer Positions - Special Events Coordinator


Special Events Coordinator (SEC)


Ministry Description:

The Special Events Coordinator is the head lay person with the responsibility of overseeing the unique external activities of the local Corps, especially those outside of the Corps building, which represents the Corps’ public promotion to the community. This person should have the ability to incorporate other Corps members and/or external volunteers to structure particular parameters for specific events. This position is the resource and logistics connection for public campaigns, including but not limited to venues, like parades, outreaches, and most visual point displays for external effect.




Spiritual Gifts:

creativity, administration, helps


artistic, logistic, discerning eye for public appeal and promotion,

able to pull people together, discern the personality of the events


Connecting with the community and people individually



Soldiership Required:

no, Commissioned or Warranted


to be worked out with CO


2 years renewable

Qualifications Required

  • Background Check