City of Roseville - Utility Exploration Center

Interpretive Docents - Interpretive Docents

Duties: Interpretive Tour Docents help us provide group learning experiences in program demonstrations and school tours for children ranging from Preschool through 6th Grade. We will train you to assist our Interpretive Staff in providing hands-on/minds-on school programs focused on waste reduction, energy conservation, watershed protection and water efficiency. Help empower new generations of school children and Girl Scouts to become “Planet Protectors” and take their newfound knowledge to make important changes at home.

Qualifications Required : Ability to work with all ages in any given situation; desire to teach and work with children on several different levels; flexibility; strong verbal and communication skills; strong customer service background. Volunteers must be 20 years of age or older.

*Please note all City of Roseville Volunteers must complete a live scan fingerprint, which requires a valid government issued ID card.  The City of Roseville covers the cost for all live scans.

Schedule Summary:

Monday 9:30am-1pm

Tuesday 9:30am-1pm

Wednesday 9:30am-1pm

Thursday 9:30am-1pm

Friday 9:30am-1pm

Saturdays 10am-1pm/1-5pm