Volunteer Opportunities

Extreme Heat Preparedness for Seniors - Volunteer Buddy

PROGRAM NAME: Extreme Heat Preparedness for Seniors           


POSITION TITLE: Volunteer Buddy


SCHEDULE: One hour per week visit/phone call per person; regular check-ins before/during an extreme heat event


LOCATION: Abbotsford, BC.       


REPORTS TO: Extreme Heat Preparedness Coordinator   


A volunteer will receive training in working with seniors and will be buddied with seniors who are socially and medically vulnerable to extreme heat. They establish a supportive relationship through workshops and regular check-ins. They are responsible for contacting their buddies when extreme heat weather is expected and assisting them with their safety before and during extreme heat events.


  • Develop rapport with their buddies to support them in preparing for an extreme heat event
  • Check in with their buddies before and during extreme heat events
  • Provide heat safety resource information
  • Work with their buddies to recognize heat risks and develop safety plans to mitigate risks
  • Participate in community events with their buddies as needed


Education and Certification:

  • Cleared Criminal Record Check for working with vulnerable populations
  • First Aid Level One


  • Working with ease with the general public either in a front line or supportive role.
  • Work experience with seniors an asset.

Knowledge and Skill Set

  • Ability to work with seniors, staff, and community partners.
  • Ability to work with seniors who may be experiencing difficult situations
  • Ability to adapt and engage which reflects the needs and interests of the seniors.
  • Understanding of the unique challenges seniors may face



  • Interacting with difficult situations
  • Meeting with the buddies in or outside their home
  • Attending a public event with the buddies


  • Accountability and Dependability: Takes personal ownership and responsibility for the quality and timeliness of work commitments. Follows organizational guidelines, professional standards, regulations and principles. Demonstrates reliability and integrity on a daily basis.  Reliable and dependable in performing job-related tasks, finishing assigned projects, meeting deadlines and appointments.  Communicates delays in work and renegotiates deadlines in a timely manner.
  • Communication: Respectfully listens to others to gain a full understanding of issues; comprehends written material; presents information in a clear and concise manner orally and in writing to ensure others understand his/her ideas; appropriately adapts his/her message, style, and tone to accommodate a variety of audiences.  Expressing and transmitting information with consistency and clarity, using active listening techniques in order to effectively understand provided feedback, summarizing information according to the audience in order to increase understanding.
  • Ethics, Integrity, Confidentiality, and Trust: Models and promotes honesty and integrity within and with others.  Takes the right action at the right time and in a manner that complies with the processes and procedures of the organization and the law.  Demonstrates effective discretion, builds rapport with others and maintains confidentiality.  Displays honesty and transparency that exhibits the values and mission of the workplace.
  • Valuing Diversity and Inclusion: Appreciating and leveraging the capabilities, insights, and ideas of all individuals.  Working effectively with individuals of diverse style, ability, and motivation.  Seeking to be inclusive of all abilities, cultures, and backgrounds; challenging exclusionary practices. 
  • Professionalism: Behaves with fairness and consistency in communication, daily interactions, and decision-making.  Shares information and ideas with others in a collaborative manner.  Maintaining consistent lines of communication with manager, supervisor, team members and clients communicating deadlines, issues, status updates, and successes.  Maintaining appropriate interpersonal relationships and boundaries with staff and clients.

Qualifications Required

  • Are you willing to complete a Criminal Record Check? Must be Yes
  • Do you already have, or are you willing to obtain at cost, first aid level 1? Must be Yes
  • How much time are you willing to volunteer? Must be Once a week
  • I will be reliable, prompt and notigy my supervisor if I am unable to complete a scheduled shift Must be Yes
  • I will be respectful to staff, patrons and fellow volunteers at all times. Must be Yes
  • I will maintain a high commitment to my personal health and safety and that of my fellow volunteers and will report any incident to my supervisor Must be Yes