Employment Mentoring

Employment Mentoring - Employment Mentor

Position Description:

Mentors are vital to the Abbotsford Community Services Multicultural Department and serve as advisors, educators, role models, ambassadors and leaders giving back to individuals in the community while contributing knowledge and skills through the sharing of their personal/professional experiences with our newcomers (mentees).  The primary functions of our mentors are to build a strong mentor relationship through listening, guidance, advice, teaching, and professional support


Our mentors are champions of ACS' mission, building strong and stable mentoring relationships through trusting, respectful, honest and genuine relationships that assist with self-image and competence.  These relationships are created to support the personal and professional growth and development of high achieving newcomers and assisting them to achieve their goals.

  • Participate in ACS mentor orientation
  • Contact the newcomer on a regular basis and promote effective communication by providing one-on-one mentoring with newcomers face to face, telephone and email
  • Be a positive representative as an ACS mentor promoting the value of mentoring
  • Assist newcomer establishment of professional networks as appropriate
  • Maintain communication with the employment mentor coordinator, providing feedback on match meetings


  • Believe in ACS mission, values and diversity statements
  • Employed in the Canadian system for a minimum of 4 years
  • A willingness to help a professional newcomer to penetrate the Canadian labour market
  • Awareness of Canadian workplace culture and employment systems
  • Interest in people from other countries and cultures


  • typically 4 to 6 months
  • regular contact (once per week or once every two weeks)
  • Mentors and mentees agree together on where and when to meet

 Volunteer Mentors are...

  • Leaders willing to invest their time, employment expertise and professional knowledge with a newcomers
  • Community members willing to coach a newcomer seeking knowledge of the Canadian labour market
  • Professionals committed to attending networking events and opportunities with their mentee
  • Goal-focused and motivated leaders willing the share their ‘a-ha’ moments and employment advice with a newcomer

Qualifications Required

  • Minimum Age Must be at least 19+ years old
  • Time Commitment Must be at least Three to Five Meetings